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Graef F5 Allesschn Futura Food Slicer

This food slicer, the Graef F5 Allesschn Futura, is a great product that does its job without any problems. It is perfect for people who love to cook or for the professional chef. It features a sleek design that will not stand out in your kitchen when in use. The Graef F5 will also store easily anywhere thanks to its small frame when compared to other slicers.

The design of this product makes it easy to clean and use. You can cut right through meats, potatoes and even bread for nicely made slices thanks to its solid metal design. It features a large base plate for support so that you can cut quickly and with ease. The blade is serrated with a titanium coating. It can cut slices up to 15 mm thick. At 6 kg is is a solid piece of kitchen equipment, but it is not too bulky. It will complete any kitchen that is in need of a quality slices.

Many food slicers are too big and they require solid man power to get them going. This slicer is much easier to operate and it is preferred by people who do not want or need a large restaurant sized food slicer. There are so many things that one can use this when cooking. If you want to make a quick sandwich without the mess, then just use this machine for a quick job! All in all, you will be able to get your food sliced with no problem.

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Food Slicers Save Money and Make Great Gifts

Everyone loves homemade food. Modern kitchen appliances take a lot of the work out of making treats in your own kitchen. One of the best kitchen appliances to cut time off kitchen chores is a food slicer.


If you are a bread baker, a food slicer will make slicing your home made bread easier and faster. Do you have trouble hand slicing even slices? This appliance makes perfect slices of bread every time.


For those who love to cook, this machine is the perfect answer to what to do with the leftovers. There’s nothing like a gorgeous pot roast simmering on a Sunday afternoon. Once the meal is over though, what do you do with the meat? With a slicer, the leftovers become delicious sandwich meat, much healthier than store bought. The settings allow you to choose between thick slices and shaved meat.


This appliance will save you money. Not only will it help you use up leftovers, buy you can slice your own cheese as well. Bulk cheese is much cheaper to buy than pre-sliced. Buy a large block of cheese and use the slicer to make slices perfect for sandwiches.


If you have a baker on your Christmas list or someone who loves to cook, a food slicer is the ideal Christmas gift. Share the ability to make perfect slices every time with someone you love.

Graef Navis N1 Food Slicer

Graef Navis N1 Food SlicerThe Graef Newcomer: Navis N1 food slicer is a revolution in food slicing equipment. This device offers the basic performance come to expect from food slicing technology combined with advanced features that allows the average consumer to the commercial restaurant chef the ability to slice their foods with ease.

Modern features for this product include a floating 230V motor housing design that is powered by a UK 3 pin plug that is ready for use in the UK. Precise food slice thickness can be adjusted from 0 to 15mm to give the consumer the specific thickness they require. The Graef long-toothed 170 mm titanium coated blades slice foods quickly and accurately against a large base plate, while dispensing the slices straight onto an included food holding/serving tray. Due to a safety-interlocking design, the blade is easily detached from the food slicer and cleaned.

The model is constructed with a large carriage and stainless steel surface that has a length of 358mm, a width of 265 mm and 275 mm in height. Weighing in at 4 kg, this food slicer can also be easily transported. A child lock is integrated into the carriage device to prevent accidents. The Graef Navis F1 can be used in continual operation mode as well as operated by the press of a button. The solid all-metal machine has a metallic silver colour to match contemporary design. Complete with a two year guarantee, the Graef Navis K1 can be replaced if the device fails before that time.

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Bron Mandolin Super Sharp Food Slicer

Bron Mandolin Super Sharp Food SlicerElectric food slicers are without doubt incredibly useful pieces of equipment in kitchens, they are however limited in their use for fine and delicate food slicing tasks.


This is where a mandolin comes in very handy, these razor sharp food slicers will slice your vegetables wafer thin time after time. Mandolin food slicers are great for getting the most out of particularly expensive items like truffles as they make these expensive ingredients last far longer and go further than any knife cut truffle could ever do and every shaved slice will be as delicately sliced as the last.


Great for also slicing wafer thin slices of carrots, radishes, potatoes, cucumbers and lots more, the list really is endless. This Bron Mandolins is an excellent piece of kit and is of a far better quality than most high street store shop brands, it’s made from high quality stainless steel and is truly a top of the range mandolin food slicer. You will be so impressed with how well this mandolin works that you will without doubt recommend it to your friends and family, just one word of warning though, make sure you use this item properly as we don’t want you to lose any fingers!

Buy this Bron Mandolin Food Slicer for £164.50 including free delivery

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Andrew James Food Slicer Range

One of the most popular food slicer’s that we sell here on

Andrew James food slicers are made to a high specification, perform fabulously well and they look great. Perfect for making your food go further and look better because every slice is the same thickness as the last. Wonderful for slicing roast beef, lamb, pork, chicken or turkey, whilst also being equally fabulous for slicing vegetables and salads.

If you are a baker and you bake homemade bread then an Andrew James food slicer will make slicing your fresh homemade bread a dream! No thick doorstep one half and paper thin the other half slices of your homemade loaf. An Andrew James food slicer will without doubt make slicing easier and once you have one of these food slicers then you will wonder how you ever lived without one.

Magimix Black and Stainless Steel Metal Food Slicer

magimix 11650 Food SlicerA good quality food slicer brought to you by a brand you can trust. Magimix is a brand known for its build quality and good service, this black and silver stainless steel food slicer will deliver on both these counts and more. Included in the box are the food slicer, a food pusher to allow you to slice with ease, a safety guard to keep those fingers safe and an instruction book.

This food slicer has an all metal body and a 19cm steel metal blade that can be adjusted to allow you to choose how thick or thin you would like your chosen food to be sliced, this food slicer has an easy glide carriage to allow you to slice your meats, breads, cheese and so much more with ease and precision. This food slicer doesn’t just look good it performs well too and as soon as you get it out of the box and start using it you’ll wonder how you ever did without it.

Buy this Stainless Steel Magimix Food Slicer for £99.99

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Severin Universal Food Slicer

Severin Universal Food SlicerThis food slicer is brought to you by Severin and it will make light work of slicing all your meats, deli salamis, crusty breads, vegetables and more, you really will wonder how you managed without a food slicer before you bought it and popped it onto your kitchen work surface.


The casing and unit is made from stainless steel with a 190mm (19cm) heavy duty stainless steel blade that has a range of thickness that’s adjustable from 0 – 20mm. The food slicer also comes with a blade guard for keeping your fingers safe from the blade; the unit also has non slip feet to prevent the food slicer slipping during use.


Once you have finished using your food slicer you can store away the cable in the cable tidy and pop it into your cupboard ready for it next use but you may find it gets used that much that you leave it out.

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Food Slicer

If you’re a fan of making your own homemade bread then a food slicer is definitely going to make your life a whole lot easier. How many times have you gone to slice your beautiful homemade loaf of bread only to mess up cutting it and ending up with huge wedge like slices instead something fit for a sandwich.

Not only is this a nuisance but it also makes your loaf less economical because you get fewer slices from a loaf or if you are as bad as me at slicing your homemade bread some slices are only fit for the bird table! But it doesn’t end there food slicer are also great for slicing cooked meats, making them also more economical because you get more slices off your meat joint. Beef, Lamb, Pork, Chicken or Turkey breast are going to go so much further around your family dinner table that you will wonder how you ever did without this wonderful food slicer invention.
Take a look at our full range of food slicers by clicking this link. We have food slicers to match all budgets and family requirements. Once you have one you’ll be telling all your friends and family just how great they are.

Professional Food Slicers

Professional Food SlicersWe have a great range of professional food slicers here at as well as ones for home use .(Use the tabs at the top of this page to see our full range of home and professional products).
Professional food slicers make life easier and quicker in a restaurants, cafes or other catering establishments, they are much more study and robust for the job in hand. Easy to use the food slicer helps you to get every single portion out of your produce. Food slicers are perfect for making all your portions the same size, thickness and weight, which in turn helps your profit margins. Perfect for slicing cooked meats, vegetables, fresh bread, salads, salami and much more. You’ll wonder how you ever did without one once you have purchased a food slicer because nothing is left to chance, if you have a 5 kilo ham joint and want 100g portions you’ll get 50 portions every time!

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