Home Food Slicers

Below are a range of food slicers that will be an excellent addition for the casual home cook!

Food slicers are becoming more and more popular in peoples kitchens because they make our life easier and food more economical. Perfect for the person who loves to make bread but hates to slice it, a food slicer makes slicing fresh bread easy.
Also great for slicing up the Sunday roast, your joint will go further because all your slices will be the same thickness. It’s great for sandwich fillings too, for example if you love a nice proper ham sandwich you will pay quite a bit in the supermarket for nice sliced deli ham but if you buy and cook a joint of ham and then slice it with your food slicer you will find the price by weight drops dramatically, it really is cheaper to do it yourself.
But don’t take our word for it, try it yourself and you will find many good uses for your food slicer from slicing roasting joints and fresh breads to slicing cheeses, salami’s, salads, vegetables and tinned meats like corned beef into your perfectly chosen thickness.

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