Andrew James Large Electric Precision Slicer 220mm Blade

This electric precision food slicer is made by Andrew James and is an excellent choice for use in your home. It’s perfect for carving those Christmas Joints of meat to make your food go further, which is an added bonus during the festive period when friends and family pop by to visit.

One of the added benefits to this particular food slicer is that is has an extra large 220mm blade making slicing larger joints easier but that’s not all this food slicer is good for, it is also great for slicing super soft fresh bread, cheese, salami, cakes and cold meats and much more.

This Andrew James Food slicer would make an ideal Christmas present for someone who likes to eat well but wants to get the maximum yield for their money because having a food slicer is a very economical gadget to own when you consider how much you pay for 3 or 4 slices of meat in the supermarket. Buy this food slicer and never again pay a fortune per kilo because you can buy a joint of gammon, beef or pork etc and slice it yourself making the price per slice very reasonable and you won’t be paying for all that added water and additives.

Buy this Electric Food Slicer for £84.95

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