Bron Mandolin Super Sharp Food Slicer

Bron Mandolin Super Sharp Food SlicerElectric food slicers are without doubt incredibly useful pieces of equipment in kitchens, they are however limited in their use for fine and delicate food slicing tasks.


This is where a mandolin comes in very handy, these razor sharp food slicers will slice your vegetables wafer thin time after time. Mandolin food slicers are great for getting the most out of particularly expensive items like truffles as they make these expensive ingredients last far longer and go further than any knife cut truffle could ever do and every shaved slice will be as delicately sliced as the last.


Great for also slicing wafer thin slices of carrots, radishes, potatoes, cucumbers and lots more, the list really is endless. This Bron Mandolins is an excellent piece of kit and is of a far better quality than most high street store shop brands, it’s made from high quality stainless steel and is truly a top of the range mandolin food slicer. You will be so impressed with how well this mandolin works that you will without doubt recommend it to your friends and family, just one word of warning though, make sure you use this item properly as we don’t want you to lose any fingers!

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