efbe-Schott Germany AS 500

Who says a food slicer has to just be functional? This particular food slicer comes in a fashionable metallic red but as well as looking fabulous it also has all the things you would want from a food slicer.

It is a powerful food slicer with a 120 watt motor encased in metallic housing and made by Efbe-Schott who are a German company known for their pioneering success in kitchen appliances.

This really is an excellent product with a 17cm removable blade, speed controls from 60-120 RPM, thickness range from 1 – 21 mm, a detachable motor block for easy cleaning, safety switch, non slip feet and much more.

This is a food slice to admire for both its looks and its fabulous features.

Buy this AS 500 Red Food Slicer for £79.99 in Delivery

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