Graef F5 Allesschn Futura Food Slicer

This food slicer, the Graef F5 Allesschn Futura, is a great product that does its job without any problems. It is perfect for people who love to cook or for the professional chef. It features a sleek design that will not stand out in your kitchen when in use. The Graef F5 will also store easily anywhere thanks to its small frame when compared to other slicers.

The design of this product makes it easy to clean and use. You can cut right through meats, potatoes and even bread for nicely made slices thanks to its solid metal design. It features a large base plate for support so that you can cut quickly and with ease. The blade is serrated with a titanium coating. It can cut slices up to 15 mm thick. At 6 kg is is a solid piece of kitchen equipment, but it is not too bulky. It will complete any kitchen that is in need of a quality slices.

Many food slicers are too big and they require solid man power to get them going. This slicer is much easier to operate and it is preferred by people who do not want or need a large restaurant sized food slicer. There are so many things that one can use this when cooking. If you want to make a quick sandwich without the mess, then just use this machine for a quick job! All in all, you will be able to get your food sliced with no problem.

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