Graef Navis N1 Food Slicer

Graef Navis N1 Food SlicerThe Graef Newcomer: Navis N1 food slicer is a revolution in food slicing equipment. This device offers the basic performance come to expect from food slicing technology combined with advanced features that allows the average consumer to the commercial restaurant chef the ability to slice their foods with ease.

Modern features for this product include a floating 230V motor housing design that is powered by a UK 3 pin plug that is ready for use in the UK. Precise food slice thickness can be adjusted from 0 to 15mm to give the consumer the specific thickness they require. The Graef long-toothed 170 mm titanium coated blades slice foods quickly and accurately against a large base plate, while dispensing the slices straight onto an included food holding/serving tray. Due to a safety-interlocking design, the blade is easily detached from the food slicer and cleaned.

The model is constructed with a large carriage and stainless steel surface that has a length of 358mm, a width of 265 mm and 275 mm in height. Weighing in at 4 kg, this food slicer can also be easily transported. A child lock is integrated into the carriage device to prevent accidents. The Graef Navis F1 can be used in continual operation mode as well as operated by the press of a button. The solid all-metal machine has a metallic silver colour to match contemporary design. Complete with a two year guarantee, the Graef Navis K1 can be replaced if the device fails before that time.

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